Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Six predictions for 2050 by senior scientists

How often wondered if that posed fiction films come true someday? You now have a vision of the near future competent prepared by some of the most respected scientists of our time.

The Sunday supplement Spanish  ' XL Semanal 'wondered how our lives will change in the next 50 years to six great scientists and technology experts and participants in the Science Congress of Brilliant Minds Madrid.

"We will be young until the day of our death"

According to the molecular engineer also known as "The Wizard of genetic" George Church of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT for its acronym in English), USA, specializes in sequencing and DNA synthesis in 2050 mankind will be able to overcome aging. "Today, we have tools that make us stronger and faster but are inorganic..!. airplane, a car will soon be organic also have medicines that allow us to live But give jump: live young until the day of our death, "says geneticist. "Today, as you can reverse aging of a cell in the laboratory. When we manage to do it within the body, we will be young until we die," Church added.

"Your best friend is a computer" 

Another genius of  technology , co-founder of  Apple  Steve Wozniak, who along with Steve Jobs revolutionized computing, believes that computers would surpass humans and may even compete with us in emotional matters.  "In 40 years we aware computers endowed with feelings, their own personality. Your best friend will be a computer. talk to her.'ll look at your face and will recognize your mood. You will meet your soul and there is none better than heart, "says Wozniak.

"Facebook will not ask what you're thinking, you know"

Javier Sirvent, author of industrial patents, technologist in research of new and innovative services and applications and manage mobility of Spanish technology company Norma4, warns that in the near future technology fully control the people. "We will live online: no you can go anywhere without knowing. And this will force you to be a good citizen. Increasingly data with which to predict traffic jams, accidents ... but also to control people is handled. It will be inevitable ", says Sirvent. The technician also mentioned some possible significant changes in education, as a human being will no longer need to memorize knowledge, you can simply download them. "Education will change. Awareness may be inserted directly into our brains. Not study!" Said Sirvent.

"They learn a language by loading an application on the brain"

Another great personality in technology, Twitter co-founder who left the project before it was made ​​millionaire and currently manages his own 'start-ups', Evan Henshaw-Plath says that sooner than anyone can imagine Internet will in our heads. "Computers are not so alien to our memory or our personality as it might seem. Indeed, experiments show that both can be manipulated by electrochemical reactions. For example, today to learn a language you have to spend a year studying and still speak Spanish with such a strong American accent like mine. therefore, when you can install a new language as you install an application on your phone, you will, "says Henshaw-Plath.

"To be a father, will have to pass certain test"

Emerging Technologies professor and director of the Institute for Futures Creative Scotland Andy Miah, known as 'the guardian of bioethics', predicted that in 2050 parents will probably have to have a special license to have children. scientist explains this vision of the future by the unstoppable advance of  genetics , as even today a human being can alter his body and, as Miah, which may change in the future will be their biology.  "We will be able to perfect the human species, to influence evolution. And the great debate will see where we are willing to go on this path., for example, fatherhood is something very different. Today, to take, you have to pass a series of tests imposed by society. There will come a day when there will be a kind of 'license to be a father', "says Miah.

"We will discover that cancer is linked to infectious diseases and cure you ..."

The great fighter against malaria, more than two decades ago developed the vaccine against this disease, and winner of the Prince of Asturias Award Manuel Patarroyo, states that "by 2020 60% of cancers are related to infectious diseases such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. " "I do not know if we will have beaten cancer by then, but will have controlled many infectious diseases associated with it," says the scientist. Patarroyo also predicts that by 2050 medical diseases may know that one will have during your life. "The computer is our genome and the doctor will know, just by looking at the possibilities we have of getting a particular disease," he explains.

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