Sunday, 6 October 2013

Electromagetic Pollution Used For Soft Kill And Mind Control

Deborah Tavares of lays out the sinister agenda behind the Smart Meter roll-out.

They are pulsed-beam microwave emitters, designed to “entrain moods” and control thoughts.

Industry and the utilities have repeatedly denied the facts that the microwave radiation frequencies emitted from the smart meters are making us sick.

Why? Because the corporate structure has a hidden secret.

Keep in mind that we (in the US) are the “enemy of the state”—as of the 1933 United States Bankruptcy we became collateralized against the debt.

We know that the worldwide smart grid “deployment” is a massive network of pulsed-microwave frequencies.

This mesh grid network of frequencies has been planned to “structure” people’s thought patterns through their smart meters.

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